EmployNV Questions and Answers: UPDATED 9/25/2017

Question #1: Can an agency autofill a template for case notes?

  • WISS Auto Team will provide a brief How-To on Case Note Templates prior to Go-Live. In addition, a TAG will be provided on Case Note functionality.

Question #2: Can two WIOA agencies co-enroll in EmployNV? If so, will they have the ability to see each other’s services and case notes?

  • Nevada refers to it more as partnering than “co-enroll”. We were given the example of JOIN partnering with NNLC. Each agency would enter the services provided and they would remain on the same application. Yes, both agencies will have access to view each other’s services and case notes.

Question #3: What is the definition of poor work history?

  • Being addressed – information to come

Question #4: When a closure is completed, is it required to print the document and have the client sign, date and placed in the client file?

  • This is not required.

Question #5: Do we still need to document late entry in case notes?

  • No, the system will not let you back-date more than 15 days.

Question #6: Can two staff be in a client profile at the same time?

  • Yes, the system is more sophisticated that OSOS. Two users can be working in a customer simultaneously with no impact. However, the concern is that this will increase duplication. The LWDB’s have deletion capabilities to correct these issues.

Question #7: In EmployNV can an agency have the ability to enter CAPS, COPS, COPES or other assessments in EmployNV?

    • There are three types of assessments in Case Management Profile/Assessments. Agencies should be able to enter any assessment given in one of these fields.
        • Basic Skills Assessment
        • Aptitudes
        • Other Assessment

Question #8: Can a list of all services to be used to create services for AD/DW/YOS be provided?

  • Yes, once they have been established in Go-Live.

Question #9: In EmployNV is there a way you can list your clients by the program they are enrolled in?

  • TBD

Question #10: What identifier is to be used to communicate with Nevadaworks when sending questions?

  • State ID in EmployNV is the same as the NV# in OSOS minus the NV and leading zeros.

Question #11: Examples of measurable skill gains?

  • More information to be provided after clarification from the State

Question #12: Follow-Up – Are we making monthly or quarterly follow up with a client?

  • Policy and TAG to follow

Question #13: Can we have a policy when to enter the PELL grant information?

  • PELL will only be entered when the amount is applicable towards the Service Cost.  Timing is crucial; nothing should be entered until documentation of the PELL is provided from the client.

Question #14: Are the in-box items assigned to the clients in OSOS going to be converted over to the case managers?

  • No

Question #15: Is there a “stop date” for entering clients prior to Go-Live?

  • All clients need to be entered into OSOS by close of business on October 4, 2017. If a case manager is waiting for documents that have not been received by October 4, 2017, the client will need to be entered into Go-Live.

Question #16: In the Dislocated Worker application, case manager is required to enter employer data when choosing Displaced Homemaker. Can this be changed?

  • You are able to by-pass the employer information when selecting Category 6 – Displaced Homemaker.

Question #17: In the Verify Table for Citizenship, if I9 is chosen should a case note be entered identifying what documents were accepted or choose Other and list the two items used?

  • Choose Other and list the two items from lists B and C

Question #18: In the Verify Table for SNAP: Food Stamp Card, Telephone Verification and Self-attestation are not allowable under current State Compliance Policies.

  • Several changes have been made to the Verify Tables which have not been implemented in any environments to date.

Question #19: Is there a place that the Sector Tab is going to be in EmployNV? (Is that under the voucher?)

  • There will not be a sector tab as currently used in NJCOS.  We do not yet know what that will look like in the future.

Question #20: What information do we need to make sure all clients are transferred to EmployNV? Should we be printing the comments and services?

  • As discussed during training, Nevadaworks highly recommends that comments and services of your existing clients be printed for backup if needed after the Go-Live date.

Question #21: Are we populating the IEP correct under Activity/Services leaving it open until the client is closed?

  • At this time, the IEP will remain open until the associated goals have been completed/closed.

Question #22: Under the Plan, the IEP/ISS is populated twice is that correct?

  • This is populated by the system, similar to Common Measures in NJCOS.

Question #23: The IEP is carrying over from Activities/Services to the Plan and the Plan we create as a new IEP correct?

  • Yes

Question #24: What information does NW/WISS need in the client file? Are we printing the WIOA Application, IEP/ISS, Vouchers, Etc.? We know whatever we verify in EmployNV needs to be in the client file.

  • There is not change to the documents that are required in the file. The application and IEP/ISS in EmployNV are required to be printed, dated and signed. Please refer to Nevadaworks’ Data Collection/Record Retention/Confidential Policy . This can be found on the service provider info page of our website.

Question #25: Do Support Services go in the Plan under the IEP? Or just under Activities in Services?

  • Based on our current Individual Employment Plan (IEP) Policy and Individual Service Strategy (ISS) Policy, supportive services do need to be included in the IEP/ISS. On the IEP, all activities/services are populated in the Services tab automatically by the EmployNV system.

Question #26: Is NW/WISS looking for required information under the Plan in the IEP/ISS? If so what? We know that it’s whatever the client and CTC agree upon in their education and employment goal.

  • Please refer to Nevadaworks IEP and ISS policies.

Question #27: How do you want us to set up the Username and Password for an Individual’s registration?

  • This can  be decided internally because there are so many other search options available to locate the client.

Question #28: Under the Plan in EmployNV do we fill out the Objective Assessment Summary?

  • As discussed in training, each agency can review this document and decide if it is appropriate for them as a tool that is of value to the client. It is not required by Nevadaworks.