Under WIOA Title I-B, all Registered Apprenticeship programs are eligible to be included on the State’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). Since Registered apprenticeships go through a detailed application and vetting procedure to become a registered with the United States Department of Labor, Registered Apprenticeship programs are not subject to the same application and performance information requirements or to a period of initial eligibility or initial eligibility procedures as other providers.   To be included on the Eligible Training Provider List, Registered Apprenticeship program sponsors must indicate complete an abbreviated application containing information needed to populate the ETPL.  Approved Registered Apprenticeship programs will remain on the ETPL for as long as the program remains registered with the Department of Labor, or until the program sponsor notifies the State that it wants to be removed from the ETPL.

To include your program on the ETPL, please click HERE.

If you have any questions, please email wioaetpl@nevadaworks.com, or call Milt Stewart @ 775-284-1333 or Lynda Crawford @ 775-284-1343.