Our relationship with Nevadaworks over the past 12 years has been exceptionally fulfilling and impactful. From top to bottom, the staff of Nevadaworks provides meaningful and personable support, assisting in ensuring that our programs are transparent, accountable, and successful. Because of this, our programs, in addition to supporting adult job seekers and local businesses, have helped to open doors of opportunity for an estimated 500 rurally-isolated at-risk teens. Thank you Nevadaworks!
– Erik Schoen

Nevadaworks is our partner to help people become employed. Each and every person at Nevadaworks possesses the attitude of ‘how can we make this happen’ instead of ‘you can’t do this.’ They immediately respond to questions, help interpret the multitude of rules influencing our field, and provide valuable input and feedback so that our program is continually improving. As WIA information scouts, Nevadworks has ensured ProNet remains at the forefront of new programs, ensuring maximum support and eventual success for each client we serve.
– Pieter Droog

Nevadaworks is dedicated to developing programs and services that meet the needs of employers, governments and citizens in northern Nevada. The staff does this with a light touch, sincere interest, and limited bureaucracy. As the director of a non-profit, I’m grateful for their support and openness. I always feel like I’m part of a team working to improve the lives of residents of northern Nevada.
– Carolyn Wilson

Nevadaworks has helped empower our youth by providing funding for educational and job opportunities. The youth involved in our NevadaWorks programs have shown great success. The staff are amazing and go above and beyond to meet the needs of the clients we work with. Thank you NevadaWorks!
– Jeremy Stocking